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Feast and Famine in Africa’s Dubai

Djibouti City – As balmy night settles over Djibouti City, the arc lights come on at its growing network of ports as ships are offloaded 24 hours a day and trucks laden with cargo depart westwards into the Horn of Africa interior. Not that long ago Djibouti was known for little more than French legionnaires, atrocious heat and its old railway line to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia.

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Propaganda or proper journalism? China’s media expansion in Africa

Chinese media in Africa tends to take a different approach to other news organisations. This could be because of censorship, or it could be because Chinese media follow a different philosophy of journalism.

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The Washington-Pretoria-Tel Aviv relay

Many observers have been quick to argue that the recent US-Africa summit was meant to deepen America’s involvement in Africa at a time when China is fast expanding its presence on the continent. That may well be so, but it is also not unlikely that the US could work with China and other nations for mutual exploitation of Africa.

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U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit: The Aftermath

Washington DC – Africa’s leaders have flown home after meeting President Barack Obama, politicians, business executives and civil society in an unprecedented U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. The event, themed “Investing in the Next Generation”, lasted three days from the 4th to the 6th of August during which participants discussed plans to strengthen the relationship between the two parties.  

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China’s foreign aid: How big is it and what is its aim?

China has greatly increased its foreign aid to developing countries in the recent years. On one hand China hopes to promote bilateral relations with recipient countries to enhance economic and trade cooperation; on the other the fast rising nation is shouldering its international responsibilities and promoting poverty reduction.

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What do Africans want? They’ll text you

Washington — The way to find out what Africans really want is to ask them, shows a recent mobile phone service led by ONE Africa and GeoPoll.

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