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Drought Deals Harsh Blow to Cameroon’s Cocoa Farmers

Konye (Cameroon) – Tanchenow Daniel fears he will lose more than half a tonne of his cocoa yield during the next harvest at the end of this month. He usually harvests no less than 1.5 tonnes of cocoa beans during the mid-crop season, but he says every farmer in the Manyu Division of Cameroon’s South West Region is witnessing a catastrophe this year because of a prolonged dry season.

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No More Dumping of Milk in Laikipia

NG’ARUA, Kenya – Daniel Mithamo, 28, grew up knowing that dairy farming is about producing milk in large quantities. You sell a few litres, consume some with your family, and dump the rest for lack of cold storage and decent roads to access markets.

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Ghana’s Small Women’s Savings Groups Have Big Impact

Denugu – Dunwaa Soayare, 45, a smallholder farmer, widow and mother of five had the sort of economic profile that meant she was denied access to credit from Ghana’s mainstream banking institutions. She had no collateral, no bank account and found it impossible to provide three meals a day for her children, let alone ensure that they stayed in school.

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Cameroon: Family farming looking to the future

Yaoundé (Camerun) – Dreaming does not cost anything, Hélène Mnisili knows it. She lives in Nkong-Abok, a 3500 people remote village in the heart of Cameroon.  She has spent all of her 55 years in the tropical forest, among banana and manioc plantations, sweet potatoes and groundnuts: life has not been too generous to her.

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Cooperatives Help Women Farmers Tighten Ranks

ROME, Oct 19 2012 (IPS) – It is a tried and tested truth that when women come together in groups they can address their issues more powerfully than they can as individuals.

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Leveraging Cooperatives to Do Business in Africa

A cooperative is defined as “an autonomous association of persons united voluntarily to meet their common economic, social, and cultural needs and aspirations through a jointly owned and democratically controlled enterprise,” according to the International Co-operative Alliance, they are “based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity, and solidarity.”

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