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The winners of the platinum strike in South Africa

After a five-month struggle, South Africa’s platinum strike has ended and miners have gone back to work. In the midst of debates over financial gains and losses, Brad Cibane argues the real achievements lie outside the economic sphere.

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On Strikes and Violence in South Africa

Mohamed Motala uncovers the struggles behind the violence of South Africa’s mining strikes. 

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20 Years of Freedom: The post-1994 power brokers and black liberation

On May 7th South Africans go to the polls to vote for national and provincial representatives (the majority party gets to pick the President and the Cabinet). In the lead up to the election, we’ll carry a few pieces. Daily Maverick’s series starts today, the 20th anniversary of the April 1994 elections–the country’s first democratic elections in which blacks could vote. The first instalment is by Thapelo Tselapedi.

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Debate: The future of the workers’ movement in South Africa

In May this year, South Africa will host its 5th general election since the advent of democracy in 1994. The ruling African National Congress have dominated these elections until now (62.6% of the vote in 1994, 66.3% in 1999, 69.6% in 2004 and 65% in 2009) and are poised to get a majority again, though there are questions about the size of that majority given widespread discontent and disillusionment with the current ANC leadership.

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A ‘credible political opposition’ in South Africa

South African writer and journalist, William Gumede, in a contribution to The Guardian this week asserts that “South Africa desperately needs a relevant, credible and non-racial alternative to the dominant ANC if “the [country’s] infant democracy [is] to fully come of age”.

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Julius Malema: It’s Just a Jump to the Left, And Then a Step to the Right

Over the last ten years or so there has been an extraordinary degree of popular protest in South Africa. The seemingly incorrigible elitism of the higher reaches of our public sphere has meant that, particularly in the absence of sustained formal organisation, popular protest has seldom won the right to represent itself in this space.

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