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President Sirleaf: The long-term cure for Ebola is an investment in health systems

As the Ebola nightmare continues in Liberia and as we battle to contain the epidemic, it is important to look beyond the immediate crisis. Many more lives will be lost before this dreadful outbreak is beaten, but to properly honor the memory of the victims we need to ask how it happened in the first place and, more pressingly, how we can prevent it from happening again, writes Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

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Ebola: The disease is not the real problem

Yes, we should be scared of Ebola. It’s a nasty way to die. But it’s not that contagious, and we can’t really blame the disease for the fact that it is spreading like wildfire in West Africa. Instead, as usual, there’s a more obvious scapegoat: corrupt, incompetent governments and their repeated failure to protect their citizens.

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West Africa: Ebola Death Toll Rises in West Africa

A medical relief worker at an Ebola treatment center in Guinea says new patients continue to be admitted on a daily basis.

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Has South Sudan passed the tipping point?

Reports of violence in South Sudan are increasing dramatically, creating an ever-larger humanitarian crisis, one that already verges on the “catastrophic” according to several relief organizations on the ground.

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Possible Aids funding crisis has NGOs on edge

NGOs have warned government of a looming crisis in the public health sector as international donors prepare to cut their funding. Doctors Without Borders said it is looks likely that donors like PEPFAR, UNAIDS and the Global Forum will slash funding by 2012.

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Shadows on the World Cup: migrants under threat

CAPE TOWN/PRETORIA – It is the World Cup dark side, the side nobody wants (and can) talk about. The South African social sector is in turmoil: rumours say that after the end of the World Cup, new clashes against migrants will explode.

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