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Interview with the President of Senegal, Macky Sall: “Africans do not deserve Lampedusa”

“Migration flows are a challenge for Africa and the EU, but Fortress-Europe is not a solution” said the President of Senegal, Macky Sall, to and sahelian media partners during the EU-Africa Summit that ended today in Brussels. “To regulate migration flows, the problem must be solved at root, by offering jobs to millions of young Africans who still hope for a better life in Europe. This also applies to terrorism: we have to invest on agriculture and services to reach  inclusive growth” added the Senegalese President.

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An Afropean Journey

A few years ago, on a snowy January evening, a stranger mistook me for someone he had seen the previous week, aboard an evening train heading to Frankfurt. The moment lasted seconds, but our brief encounter would serve as a catalyst for what became a lifelong journey of (self-)discovery.

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Educational Network Erases Borders

Malaga (Spain) – Hundreds of students from Spain’s Canary Islands, Senegal and the Sahrawi refugee camps outside of Tindouf in western Algeria are meeting each other and breaking down cultural barriers thanks to the Red Educativa Sin Fronteras.

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How can we move on from this dark story about “the Congo”?


Imagine that a TV director asks you to produce a documentary of European history in 59 minutes. “Impossible,” would probably be your reaction — well, Dan Snow took on this impossible task to show us in about an hour the “history of Congo,” a country as large as Europe. Back in October, BBC4 aired Dan Snow’s 1-hour length History of Congo. The documentary reveals once again how difficult it is to bring a visual narrative about an African region without constantly turning the gaze to Europe.


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Asia in my life by Ngugi Wa Thiong’o

The celebrated Kenyan writer reflects on how much India has been an important thread in his life and in the wider anti-colonial struggle in Africa, and calls for greater interaction between Africa, Asia and South America to escape the long shadow of the ‘Age of the European Empire’.

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How African dictators corrupt European politics

It is not only African presidents who are corrupted by European aid-with-strings-attached. Evidence abounds showing a secret and extensive “suitcase” system in which millions of dollars are sent by African dictators to corrupt the European political process.

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