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Women for Expo 2015 – Interview with Nkiruka Nnaemego: Agriculture Is Something to Be Proud Of

Too often, people look down on agriculture and farming and view them as sectors merely for the poor and illiterate. Such is the view of Nkiruka Nnaemego, the founder of the Fresh & Young Brains Development Initiative NGO, as well as being a lawyer and proud farmer/agro-entrepreneur. In this interview for Women for Expo, a project promoted by Expo Milano 2015, Ms. Nnaemego discusses her work in encouraging young people to get involved in agriculture and how her organisation ”needed to change people’s views, in particular those of young people, regarding agriculture”.

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Women for Expo 2015 – Interview with Neema Namadamu: The DRC, A Country Where Women Are Second-Class Citizens

While women’s rights worldwide have taken impressive strides forwards in recent years, in the words of Neema Namadamu, a disability rights and women’s rights activist who has worked for the DRC’s Minister of Gender and Family as well as for several rights organisations, in the DRC “women live in a cultural hell supported by twisted religious views”.

In this interview for Women for Expo, a project promoted by Expo Milano 2015, Ms. Namadamu discusses the difficulties facing both women and people with disabilities, the domination of men in Congolese society and how “the role of women in the Congolese economy is largely unsung”.

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Opening of Expo Milano 2015


The Expo Milano 2015 kicks off tomorrow, May 1st. Under the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and with over 140 participating countries, of which 37 are African, the Expo promises to be an excellent showcase of ideas and theories on the crucial issues of food, agriculture and the  environment.


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Women for Expo – Marie-Claire Matamba: Using business as a tool to improve our community’s food security and living conditions

“The theme of the Exposition is on point: it evokes the role of women who are at the heart of food production”, says Marie-Claire Matamba, representative of the small agricultural company AGRIMAT, as well as the president of  REFEG,  Gabon’s network of women CEOs.

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Women for Expo – Khadija Doucoure (IFAD): Africa is progressing slowly but surely on rural women’s empowerment

In Africa, like everywhere, empowerment of rural women leads to an increase in their economic, social and political power.

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Women for Expo – Albina Assis Pereira Africano: Angola shines a light on women for Expo 2015

Women in Angola are paramount to the functioning of society. As the main bearers of tradition, they shoulder their family’s education and social reproduction, making them central to the themes of food and nutrition. For this reason, they shall be major protagonists in the 2.010 m2 dedicated to Angola for their ‘self-built’ pavilion in Milan’s Universal Exposition next year. ‘Angolan women will be represented throughout our pavilion, from smallholder agriculture to high-level science and technology’, said Albina Assis Pereira Africano, Special Advisor to the President for Regional Affairs and General Commissioner of the Angola Pavillion, in an interview with continue reading »

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