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South Africa begins process to exit International Criminal Court

South Africa has begun the process of withdrawing from the International Criminal Court by notifying the United Nations on Thursday that it intended to revoke its ratification of the Rome Statute, which established the court, as a result of the court’s perceived biases against African nations. However, without parliamentary approval, it’s unclear if the government has the authority to unilaterally withdraw.

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Exclusive. Fatou Bensouda: “The threat of withdrawal from ICC is a regression for the continent”

Brussels – “What is really happening right now is a lot of misperception has been created around the International Criminal Court, that the ICC is unfairly targeting Africa, and therefore they need to withdraw from the Court”, says the ICC’s chief prosecutor, Fatou Bensouda. In this exclusive interview released to and African independent media, Bensouda is convinced that – “as an African” –  the Kenyan proposal to push for withdrawal from the ICC “is a regression for the continent. If we allow this to happen, this means we believe there should no longer be accountability – at least for certain people – for the crimes that they have committed on the continent”. The chief prosecutor also discusses other hot issues and cases that ICC is facing.

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Op-Ed: How Africa can fix the International Criminal Court

The ruling African National Congress’s demand that the South African government should pull out of the International Criminal Court is defeatist, naïve and reactionary. African states have largely themselves to blame for the fact that the continent has been singled out by the court, and rather than withdraw they should use their political muscle to ensure that prosecutions are brought against non-African leaders too. continue reading »

Fatou Bensouda, the International Criminal Court’s chief prosecutor (ICC): “If the Violence Continues in Burundi, I Could Open a Preliminary Examination”

One month after the above statement of May 8th, Fatou Bensouda is increasing the pressure on those involved in serious crimes in Burundi. In this exclusive interview with the news agency Infos Grands Lacs (IGL), Afronline’s media partner, the International Criminal Court‘s chief prosecutor says that  “if the violence continues in Burundi, I could open a preliminary examination”.

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Igad wants ICC judges to postpone case against Uhuru Kenyatta

The Intergovernmental Authority on Development (Igad) has joined the African Union in demanding that the case against Uhuru Kenyatta at the International Criminal Court (ICC) be postponed till after his term in office as president.

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Ivoirians Face an Incomplete Justice

Abidjan – “We are sad. We want our president back,” Yao Amandine told IPS from a street corner in the Ivorian economic metropolis, Abidjan, after the International Criminal Court ruled against granting former Ivorian President Laurent Gbagbo a conditional release on Tuesday.

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