Sports in Africa: An untapped resource for development

The importance of sports has not been sufficiently appreciated by African governments for it to be integrated into their national development plans.

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Valcke: The $10 million SAFA payment isn’t dirty money

Jerome Valcke has, for the first time, spoken out about the $10 million transaction at the centre of the FBI’s ongoing investigation into bribery and corruption in FIFA. Valcke insists that it was all done by the book. By Antoinette Muller.

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The day FIFA stole a part of us

On Wednesday morning, the unthinkable happened. The top brass of FIFA, although not the king himself, were arrested. In Zurich, of all places – where those who are rich and seek sanctuary usually get it. All through the day, developments kept coming: this vice-President of FIFA was among those arrested, the decisions to take the World Cup to the Arctic in 2018 and then the desert in 2022 were being probed for bribery allocations. And then, the bombshell.

The Americans believe that the 2010 Football World Cup was only held here because money changed hands. Ruddy great wads of it. In a world where sport has been cheapened, all of us have been ripped off. And one of the people who suffered the most in the process was a man who had already suffered too much – Madiba himself. By Stephen Grootes.

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2010 World Cup. One year on, was it worth it?

It is late, the sun already set. The cold wind sweeps across the Cape Flats bringing with it an ocean chill. She walks alone through the bushy field on her way home. Something moves in the dark.

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Football leaves legacy of hope in Namibia

WINDHOEK – Throughout the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, organisers have insisted that the legacy of the event goes far beyond the sporting spectacle. In the dusty streets of a Windhoek township, Deon Namiseb believes this is true.

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World Cup football fever-soccer balls to spread post

A FIFA partner aims to take the spirit of the recent World Cup further by rolling out football fever to children with limited access to sports and educational opportunities across the continent with the launch of the ‘One Million Dream Balls for Africa’ project.

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