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Women for Expo – Albina Assis Pereira Africano: Angola shines a light on women for Expo 2015

Women in Angola are paramount to the functioning of society. As the main bearers of tradition, they shoulder their family’s education and social reproduction, making them central to the themes of food and nutrition. For this reason, they shall be major protagonists in the 2.010 m2 dedicated to Angola for their ‘self-built’ pavilion in Milan’s Universal Exposition next year. ‘Angolan women will be represented throughout our pavilion, from smallholder agriculture to high-level science and technology’, said Albina Assis Pereira Africano, Special Advisor to the President for Regional Affairs and General Commissioner of the Angola Pavillion, in an interview with continue reading »

Most Burkinabé favor progressive change on gender rights

For those interested in gender equality, women’s rights, and even women’s power, these are heady days on the African continent. Between a new Constitution in Tanzania, the reformulation of gender policy in Kenya, and the majority of people in Burkina Faso in favor of progressive change on gender rights, it seems Africa is on the move.

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International Day of Rural Women – Gender Equality: Now


Today marks the International Day of Rural Women, established by the UN General Assembly to recognize ‘the critical role and contribution of rural women, including indigenous women, in enhancing agricultural and rural development, improving food security and eradicating rural poverty’.


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Women for Expo – Madjiguène Cissé (REFDAF): Women in Africa achieve great things with very little

“Women settle for what they have: micro credit, small land plots and short-term training” says Madjiguène Cissé, founder of the Network of Women for Sustainable Development in Africa (REFDAF).

Speaking to in the context of Women for Expo*, Ms. Cissé describes women’s limited access to high-quality land, seeds and credit guarantees… and her unusual experiences in rural Africa. REFDAF aims to help women in Africa access sufficient resources, enabling them to shift towards a sustainable form of agriculture that ensures individual autonomy and food security.

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Women for Expo – Kudzai Makombe (IPS Africa): Women reporters on the frontline in rural areas

In the context of “Women for Expo”, Afronline interviews Kudzai Makombe, the regional director of the Inter Press Service (IPS) for Africa, who shows women around the continent are ‘rising stars’ in both agriculture and the media. ‘Women are very innovative and constantly adapt to change’, she says. ‘Never underrate a woman’.

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Encouraging Rwanda’s young women to venture into ICT

Kigali – A young Rwandan entrepreneur encourages women and girls in the country to engage with ICT industries and the world of technological innovation.  

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