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De Kerchove, EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator: “France is not alone in Sahel”

Brussels – “France is not alone in Sahel”. This statement was made by the EU Counter-terrorism Coordinator, Gilles De Kerchove, in an interview with and African media. “Sahel has become a top priority for EU external action,” insists De Kerchove, who stresses “the need to improve governance and the fight against corruption” in the region, as without “a high level of integrity, this struggle will not be efficient or effective.” Not to mention development policies…

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Nathalie Delapalme: Sahel needs stronger governance systems

 Brussels/West Africa – “Except for Niger, the long-term evolution of the good governance in Sahel is not very reassuring”, said Nathalie Delapalme in an interview released to and media from Senegal (Sud FM), Mali (Les Echos, Réseau Jamana), Niger (Le Républicain, Radio Anfani), Burkina Faso (Radio Horizon FM) and Benin (L’Autre Quotidien).

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With Billions of Euros Pledged, Mali Risks Aid Overflow

International donors pledged to mobilise 3.25 billion Euros to rebuild Mali, a figure that surpassed all expectations. But experts warn that the country does not have the absorption capacity for so much aid, while others say donors should pressure the Malian government to stop ongoing human rights abuses.

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Creative Chinese encounter Ugandan inscrutability

A few years ago, a World Bank study revealed that Uganda was losing Ush500 billion a year to corruption, much of it in procurement of supplies and services. That is real money. One would have thought that the government of a poor country such as Uganda would have been spurred into action to end the rot.

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South Sudan “Between Somalia and Congo”

Experts here are calling on the United States and the international community to increase pressure on the government of South Sudan to address weaknesses in its central governance. A high-level panel of scholars and government officials warned Wednesday that corruption, economic mismanagement and a lack of national unity could pose obstacles to the establishment of stability in the newly formed country.

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U.S. Kiobel Decision Bucks 30 Years of Precedent

Washington – The U.S. Supreme Court has dismissed a lawsuit against the Royal Dutch Shell Petroleum Company brought by alleged human rights victims. The ruling, which was handed down Wednesday, is seen as a serious setback for the Ogoni community in the Niger Delta, who alleged gross human rights abuses during the mid-1990s by the military government in power at the time.

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