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Guinea: Crimes against humanity

The international commission of inquiry established by Mr Ban Ki-moon, the UN Secretary General to invest the massacres committed on September 28, 2009 in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, during the violent repression by the army in a political demonstration has submitted its results; and although the report has not been officially released, the media has already been able to review its main conclusions.

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Guinea: Aide makes attempt on Camara’s life

An attempt has been made on the life of the head of the military junta in Guinea, Moussa Dadis Camara.  According to a recent article by All Africa, he sustained severe head injuries when shot by an aide de camp, Aboubacar Toumba Diakité.

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Guinea: Between the devil and the deep blue sea

The international community’s hasty decision to investigate Guinea’s Captain Camara for crimes against humanity has led to serious setbacks in solving the country’s political crisis, Joseph Kaifala argues in Pambazuka News. Since the only way for Camara to avoid trial at the International Criminal Court is to remain in power, it’s unlikely he’ll be willing to relinquish his military dictatorship any time soon, says Kaifala.

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Guinea: Youths on hunger strike for justice

Youths in the Guinea capital Conakry went on hunger strike on 28 October – one month after the deadly military attack on civilians – to call for political dialogue, an end to violence and the arrest of those who attacked demonstrators.

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Deal with Guinea raises questions about Chinese role

Reports of a large infrastructure and minerals agreement between Guinea and Chinese investors have turned a harsh spotlight on the human rights and geopolitical stakes of the scramble for Africa’s natural wealth.

But on Saturday the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) imposed an arms embargo against Guinea, accusing the ruling military junta for “mass human rights violations” during anti-government protests last month.

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Guinea: Where has my corpse gone?


The stadium massacre executed by the special forces of the Guinean army on the 28 September caused the death of many innocent people. But we will never know the real number of killed people. The power said they were 57, but the UN and numerous NGOs say that they were more than 150.

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