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The World According to Helen Zille

Helen Zille has done a formidable job of weaving together her personal and political lives in a highly readable work. It’s revealing, colourful, scathing, and more than a little exhausting. By the time I finished Not Without a Fight, Helen Zille’s autobiography, I was exhausted. But not by the writing. Zille, who started out as a journalist, weaves an interesting story. She accounts for her life with pace, clarity, drama, suspense and humor – and it’s a good tale.

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20 Years of Freedom: The post-1994 power brokers and black liberation

On May 7th South Africans go to the polls to vote for national and provincial representatives (the majority party gets to pick the President and the Cabinet). In the lead up to the election, we’ll carry a few pieces. Daily Maverick’s series starts today, the 20th anniversary of the April 1994 elections–the country’s first democratic elections in which blacks could vote. The first instalment is by Thapelo Tselapedi.

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Defending the indefensible: How Nkandla is killing the ANC’s vibe

The ANC’s elections head Malusi Gigaba runs a super ministry with all the country’s parastatals and major infrastructure projects under him. He is also the head of elections in the ANC and one of the party’s heavy hitters.

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A ‘credible political opposition’ in South Africa

South African writer and journalist, William Gumede, in a contribution to The Guardian this week asserts that “South Africa desperately needs a relevant, credible and non-racial alternative to the dominant ANC if “the [country’s] infant democracy [is] to fully come of age”.

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South Africa: Will the ANC Lose Any Sleep over Ramphele’s Merger with the DA?

On Tuesday morning, reporters flocked to the Townhouse Hotel in Cape Town expecting to hear that South Africa’s main opposition party, the Democratic Alliance (DA), was on the brink of making a pivotal announcement.

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Cape Town’s Mandela Memorial: The tribute Madiba deserved

It is difficult to talk or write about Wednesday night’s Cape Town memorial without seeming to be giving renewed life to those cheesy Castle ads from the mid-1990s. But the hackneyed old trope of the Rainbow Nation was truly everywhere, in a stadium in a city often rightly criticised for its ongoing racial divisions.

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