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Time to Repeal Anti-Terrorism Law in Ethiopia

Oakland – With the African Union celebrating the African Year of Human Rights at its 26th summit, at its headquarters in Addis, Ethiopia, the venue raises serious concerns about commitment to human rights. Ethiopia’s so called economic development policies have not only ignored but enabled and exacerbated civil and human rights abuses in the country.

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Pierre Claver Mbonimpa speaks out on Burundi


Brussels – Pierre Claver Mbonimpa, a leading Burundian human rights defender, speaks about surviving an assassination attempt and the dangers facing activists in Burundi. On 3 August 2015, Pierre Claver Mbonimpa was shot in the face and neck as he returned home in his car from the office. He survived the attack and is currently living abroad.


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Three Lessons in Repression from Khartoum to Juba

Civil society activists in Khartoum suffered at the hands of Sudanese authorities for decades, but there was hope for South Sudanese activists after the country seceded from the north on July 9, 2011. Most of South Sudan’s leading activists and journalists relocated to Juba, where they hoped to start afresh and contribute to developing their proud new nation. Today, almost four years later, South Sudan has crumbled into a war zone, and civil society is on the defensive yet again.

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Joël Munezero Wins Right to Stay in Belgium

Tensions have rarely been as high surrounding migration in Europe as they are today. The impressive results of far-right, anti-immigrant parties throughout Europe are testament to this fact. Yet a small but important win for the forces of tolerance and humanity occurred recently with the decision to allow Joël Munezero, a 5 year-old child with a very serious disease, and his mother to stay in Belgium.

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Op-Ed: Xenophobia, the darkest déjà vu of them all

Seven years ago when xenophobia sparked violent attacks across South Africa, Alex Eliseev reported on the story in Johannesburg. Seven years on and it is happening again. This time he returns from the war zone in Durban, having seen this painful movie before.

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Land Seizures Speeding Up, Leaving Africans Homeless and Landless

Harare – There is a new scramble for Africa, with ordinary people facing displacement by the affluent and the powerful as huge tracts of land on the continent are grabbed by a minority, rights activists here say. “Our forefathers cried foul during colonialism when their land was grabbed by colonialists more than a century ago, but today history repeats itself, with our own political leaders and wealthy countrymen looting land,” Claris Madhuku, director of the Platform for Youth Development (PYD), a democracy lobby group in Zimbabwe, told IPS.

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