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Burundi: worries over the disappearance of Jean Bigirimana

Missing since 22nd July, Burundian reporter Jean Bigirimana was working for IWACU Press Group and the news agency Infos Grands Lacs, Afronline’s African media partners. Described as “a discreet boy and a hard worker” by IWACU Press Group Manager, Antoine Kaburahe, in a statement asking for his lawful release, there had been no news of him since his unexplained disappearance twelve days ago. Unexpectedly, last night IWACU and Kaburahe announced on their Twitter accounts that Bigirimana is in bad condition, but alive. VITA, Afronline’s publisher, demands the immediate release of the Burundian reporter.

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Germany Suspends Development Cooperation with Burundian Government

In a statement released yesterday, the Federal Ministry for Economic cooperation and Development (BMZ) announced the suspension of bilateral development cooperation with Burundi. This decision confirms what Thomas Silberhorn, the German Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development, said last week to Afronline and Infos Grands Lacs, when he expressed his concern over the situation in Burundi, stating that “there will be consequences” as “we cannot go on with business as usual”.

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Interview with Thierry Vircoulon (ICG): “The Burundi crisis is a real test for the EAC”

“The crisis in Burundi is a real test for the East African Community”. Such is the belief of Thierry Vircoulon, Project Director for Central Africa for the International Crisis Group (ICG), as expressed to Infos Grands Lacs (Afronline’s media partner) following the EAC Summit, held last Sunday in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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Exclusive Burundi- Interview with Bob Rugurika (Director of Radio RPA) “The closing of Radio RPA hides a sinister plan against Burundi.”

Brussels – “The closing of Radio RPA hides a sinister plan against Burundi which has the goal of destroying, behind closed doors and with total impunity, all dissenting voices to the Burundian regime.”

This is what Bob Rugurika, the director of la Radio Publique Africaine (RPA), is denouncing in an exclusive interview granted to the news agency “Infos Grands Lacs”, this Tuesday 28th April, in collaboration with VITA/Afronline.

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