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Civil Society, Journalists “Risk Death” as Burundi Crackdown Intensifies

United Nations – As the U.N. Security Council met to discuss the ongoing political crisis in Burundi Thursday, a rights group says violence has intensified in the capital Bujumbura, with individuals and groups close to the presidency and the ruling party targeting civil society activists, journalists and opposition members.

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Interview with Thierry Vircoulon (ICG): “The Burundi crisis is a real test for the EAC”

“The crisis in Burundi is a real test for the East African Community”. Such is the belief of Thierry Vircoulon, Project Director for Central Africa for the International Crisis Group (ICG), as expressed to Infos Grands Lacs (Afronline’s media partner) following the EAC Summit, held last Sunday in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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Somalia Warns Kenyan Refugee Expulsion Will Lead to ‘Chaos and Anarchy’

Nairobi – Somalia’s State Minister for Interior and Federalism Affairs Mohamud Moalim Yahye has told IPS that the hasty repatriation and mass deportation of its citizens by Kenya could compromise recent, critical security improvements made by regional governments against the Islamic extremist group, Al-Shabaab.

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Nigeria – From Sticks and Machetes to Rocket-propelled Grenades

Lagos – Nigerians are beginning to adjust to the sad reality that they live in a country where suicide bombers and terrorists could be lurking around the next corner thanks to a ready supply of advanced weapons smuggled through the country’s porous borders.

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An Equal Share of Wealth Equals Lasting Peace in CAR

Addis Ababa – While wrangling over Central African Republic’s (CAR) wealth in natural resources played a role in the country’s crisis, its future peace and stability still partly depends on a solution that factors in how to equitably distribute its national wealth.

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Central African Republic: Making the Mission Work

By failing to engage when Crisis Group and others warned that the Central African Republic had become a phantom state, the international community has now had to become much more heavily involved, at much greater expense, after horrifying loss of life and massive displacement, with much greater odds of failure.

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