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De Fraia (Action Aid Italy): “Prime Minister Renzi is on the right path”

Following last week’s Budget announcement from Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, Vita met with Action Aid Italia’s Deputy Secretary, Luca de Fraia, who commented on the Italian government’s aid pledge for development in 2016: “Renzi is on the right path, but we still have a long road ahead of us to reach 0.25% of GDP by 2017”.

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Igiaba Scego’s novel ‘Adua’ intertwines Afro-Italy’s historic phases

The past year has thrown into sharp relief the complicated and power-laden connections between Italy and the African continent. Refugees fleeing violence and upheaval in countries from Eritrea to Nigeria add to the horrific tally of death in the Mediterranean or on the shores of Lampedusa.

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Exclusive interview with Italy’s Prime Minister Renzi: “Africa is a priority of the Italian foreign policy”

Milan (Italy) – “Africa is the greatest opportunity for us. Unfortunately, we are victims of decades of negligence and of a sometimes ideological approach to the African continent. On the contrary, I am still convinced that in the next twenty years, Africa will be at the origin of a great number of economic phenomena,” said the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in an exclusive interview for the news website and its African media partners.

“Since I became Prime Minister, we have said that Africa would be a priority. It is not just a slogan”, assures the 40-year old head of government, the youngest in Europe. His recent visit in Ethiopia and Kenya confirms Renzi’s will to make the continent “a priority of Italian foreign policy.” Since his rise to the premiership, the young Prime Minister has already visited eight African countries, a record. He promotes the same three-pillared ambition everywhere: culture, development cooperation and investment. “They are the most effective ways to combat poverty in Africa, a curse that is at the origin of problems linked to terrorism and migratory flow.”

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Fortress Europe Creaking at the Seams

With EU leaders today in Brussels for a summit on the Greek financial crisis, it is easy to forget that they are also here to discuss another Greek crisis: one of migration. Along with its Mediterranean neighbours Italy and Malta, Greece is the arrival point in Europe for thousands of African migrants. An Amnesty International press statement released today states that a fact-finding mission in Greece shows how “poor planning, ineffective use of EU funds, and a hiring freeze has left Greek authorities incapable of meeting the needs and protecting the rights of refugees”.

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What next for refugees in Europe?

Brussels – The Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) held a policy briefing at the European Parliament today to launch their latest report entitled ‘Rescued – What Next? Protection Seekers Stranded in Sicily’. ‘We have yet to see a coordinated response to migration in Europe’, said Stefan Kessler, Senior Policy and Advocacy Officer for JRS Europe.

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Women for Expo – Cristina Ali Farah: Remembering spaghetti and camel’s milk

Author of the critically acclaimed novel Little Mother (Madre Piccola, Frassinelli, 2007) and the recently published Il comandante del fiume (66thand2nd, 2014), Cristina Ali Farah speaks to about growing up between Italy and Somalia, two fundamentally different cultures bearing surprising similarities. ‘Somali culture has absorbed words and habits from its former colony, reworking them with new flavours and aromas’, she says in this interview for Women for Expo, a project promoted by Expo Milano 2015.

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