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Burundi: worries over the disappearance of Jean Bigirimana

Missing since 22nd July, Burundian reporter Jean Bigirimana was working for IWACU Press Group and the news agency Infos Grands Lacs, Afronline’s African media partners. Described as “a discreet boy and a hard worker” by IWACU Press Group Manager, Antoine Kaburahe, in a statement asking for his lawful release, there had been no news of him since his unexplained disappearance twelve days ago. Unexpectedly, last night IWACU and Kaburahe announced on their Twitter accounts that Bigirimana is in bad condition, but alive. VITA, Afronline’s publisher, demands the immediate release of the Burundian reporter.

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Burundi: Antoine Kaburahe, director of Iwacu, awarded by the City of Paris

Antoine Kaburahe, director of Iwacu – among the very few editorial private groups now left in Burundi – has won a medal from the City of Paris for his bravery in journalism. Dubbed a “hero of information”, Kaburahe has continued his work, despite the increasing crackdown and dangers faced by journalists and media in the country.

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Exiled Burundian journalists without sign of return

Burundi’s independent journalists have almost entirely fled the country, driven out by intimidation, interrogation, arrests, violence, and death threats by state forces. Two months after the biggest wave of repression against the media, exiled reporters must rely on themselves, even if international aid shows up. 

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Interview with Antoine Kaburahe: “The Survival of Iwacu is a Question of Months”

The feasibility of printing 3 000 copies a few days after the failed coup was supposed to be out of the question, yet somehow they did it. Their online presence and their 150,000 loyal internet followers are also miracles in themselves. But Antoine Kaburahe is under no illusions. For the director of  Iwacu (literally “Home” in kirundi), the sole remaining independent media still operational in Burundi, “our capacity to survive remains extremely fragile”. In this interview granted to Infos Grands Lacs, Kaburahe explains the difficulties that he and his newspaper must confront.

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Standing Tall by Antoine Kaburahe – Iwacu

Following the recently failed coup, Iwacu is the sole remaining independent media left in Burundi. In this editorial, Iwacu’s director Antoine Kaburahe laments the difficulties the Burundian independent media face as well as discussing his hopes for the political future of Burundi.

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