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South Africa: Welcome to The Age of Treason

It was the summer of racism and now ’tis the autumn of treason as an increasingly hostile government, led by President Jacob Zuma, surrounded by securocrats, turns on students, private investigators, opposition party members, NGOs and private citizens, accusing them either of treason, of being traitors or “agents”.

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Burundian activist: Zuma has destroyed what Mandela built in my country

Yerevan – Exiled Burundian activist Marguerite Barankitse, who received a $1.1m humanitarian prize on Sunday, has accused President Jacob Zuma of destroying Nelson Mandela’s legacy of peace-building in her country.

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South Africa: Zuma delivers “no hope” State of the Nation

South African President Jacob Zuma has delivered his annual State of the Nation address in the country’s parliament. After more than an hour of disruptions and interruptions, mostly by members of the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters, Zuma finally got down to business. Or did he?

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State’s new propaganda plan to hurt media budgets

President Jacob Zuma’s administration has a new propaganda plan that includes establishing a government TV news channel and copying the Democratic Alliance’s tactics in dealing with newspapers considered hostile.

The state’s plan includes slashing government advertising to media perceived as anti-government, pushing the SABC to tell more government news and channel more advertising to state media entities.

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South Africa’s new scapegoats

In the land that ended apartheid two decades ago, violence against other Africans has been on the rise. What has gone wrong and what is to be done?

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Africa Check: Has President Jacob Zuma’s government done ‘a good job’?

President Jacob Zuma’s government has done “a good job of stabilising the economy and investing in infrastructure to propel the economy into the next phase of growth, while investing in improving the quality of life of the most vulnerable”. This is one of the central claims made by Jeff Radebe – the Minister in the Presidency responsible for planning, monitoring and evaluation – in a lengthy article defending the president’s performance. It followed an attempt by an opposition party to introduce a motion of no confidence against Zuma.

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