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How not to search for women’s land rights in Africa

Arguably, there is no other continent on the planet that has more at stake in the discussions to determine a post-2015 development agenda than Africa. Africa is largely seen as having made the least progress toward the existing Millenium Development Goals, and much of the current discussion is focused on finding more meaningful, cross-cutting, impactful and fair goals and targets, and ways to measure them that are as relevant to Africa as they are to the rest of the globe.

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Community land in EA is not a ‘primitive’ precursor of private ownership

Many valuable land-based resources are in land held by communities — oil in Turkana; wildlife in Kajiado, Narok, and Ngorongoro in Tanzania — and water catchment areas. Governance and management of land is critical to the quest for cohesive nations and democratising societies.

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Investigate ‘Development’ Project Abuses in Ethiopia

The World Bank’s board should support an internal investigation into allegations of abuse linked to a World Bank project in Ethiopia, Human Rights Watch said today. The Inspection Panel, the World Bank’s independent accountability mechanism, has recommended an investigation into whether it has violated its policies in a project linked to the Ethiopian government’s resettlement program, known as “villagization.”

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Diamonds are Not Forever, But the Land Is

In the village of Makonkonde in western Sierra Leone, Mabinti, who no longer knows her age, sits on a low wooden stool in the dappled shade of several palm trees. She clutches a solitary papaya fruit in hands toughened by a lifetime of hard manual work.

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Wasted Wealth – Leveraging the Property of the Poor

Land ownership is a prickly problem in South Africa, which has not yet been properly addressed, despite its prioritisation in 1994. The primary focus on land redistribution has understandably, but perhaps unwisely, centred on the issue of agricultural land holdings. Given increased rates of urbanisation, it can be argued that urban land tenure demands similar, if not higher levels of attention.

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Drastic Child Poverty Might Destroy Lesotho’s Future

Flagging economic fortunes and a persistent AIDS pandemic have devastated Lesotho, leaving little hope it will ever be able to pull itself out of its bleak poverty trap. Three out of five of the tiny southern African kingdom’s children are living in dismal poverty. Every fourth child is orphaned.

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