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Wives not cows: Uganda dowry fuels domestic violence

When Ugandan farmer’s daughter Rose Akurut became engaged to a man from a village far from her own, her parents could not be more thrilled. But the dowry she would bring — cows, goats and cash — soured the marriage and brought dark clouds over the partnership, a story repeated by many others in Uganda.

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Pistorius Trial: Judgment Day

Pretoria – In the North Gauteng High Court today, Judge Thokozile Masipa began reading her judgment in the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius. It is expected that it may take her the best part of two days to get through the reading, as she’ll have to summarise the evidence presented by 37 witnesses. Daily Maverick correspondent Rebecca Davis reports from the first day in the North Gauteng High Court.

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The right to die: Archbishop Tutu provides guidance on the last medical, legal and ethical frontier

South Africa – Daily Maverick correspondent Marianne Thamm comments on Archbishop Tutu’s decision to back the right of the terminally ill to choose to end their lives, an act of groundbreaking ethical and moral leadership.

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Analysis: What can South Africa learn from India’s response to sexual violence?

South Africa and its fellow-BRICS member India may share many positive traits, including economic growth potential and regional leadership status, but also some more negative characteristics: high levels of inequality and high levels of violence against women, to name two (not unconnected).

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Understanding the genesis and impact of recent legislation in Uganda

Most recent commentary on Uganda has focused on the passing of the Anti-homosexuality Act (AHA) – a piece of legislation that drew a barrage of criticism from many countries in the West, but marshalled popular support and acclaim at home. Western reaction focused mainly on the human rights implications of the piece of legislation, once dubbed the ‘Kill-the-gays’ bill, which represents a significant step backward in the protection of sexual minorities on the continent.

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The power of civil society: A concrete Mozambican example

Covering politics can be a depressing business. All the wars, the infighting, the sheer inability of so many governments to govern in the interests of their people – it’s not exactly uplifting stuff. Compounding this is the glacial, often non-existent, pace of change. It’s hard not to feel impotent sometimes.

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