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Decolonising Makerere: On Mamdani’s failed experiment

At the “Harvard of Africa” in Uganda, power remains in imperial structures and bodies, while excellence is still defined on Western terms.

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Saving Makerere Institute of Social Research?

Makerere Institute of Social Research in Uganda is in turmoil following a confrontation that saw one lecturer, Stella Nyanzi, stage a nude protest against the institute’s director, renowned scholar Mahmood Mamdani. The conflict has exposed serious administrative problems at the institute. A group of international scholars have waded into the controversy by addressing a petition to the Vice Chancellor of Makerere University.

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Team probes vanishing glaciers’ link to climate change

Kampala – Scientists and policymakers could soon acquire new information on how climate and glaciers of Africa’s mountains interact, including their effects on local communities following a two-week expedition to Rwenzori Mountains that began this month (18 January).

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Students develop phone software to fight malaria

Kampala – Malaria is responsible for more illnesses and deaths than any other single disease in the country, according to the [Ugandese] Ministry of Health. Most of the people affected are low income earners, especially those that live in rural areas, and many of these cannot afford to go to hospitals, most of which are sparsely distributed.

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Uganda’s New Car, Nigeria’s Challenge

The launching of an electric car that the students of Makerere University made has a ringing message for Nigeria on two fronts. The car – Kiira EV – will not run on petrol; it uses batteries and the university is not on strike, but runs its shoestring research budget well.

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Commercialisation is killing Makerere University

Professor Mahmood Mamdani is back in Uganda after more than a decade abroad with his last assignment at Colombia University where he was the Herbert Lehman Professor of Government in the Department of Anthropology and Political Science. He recently took a position at Makerere University as the director of Makerere Institute of Social Research (MISR). Moses Mulondo talked to him about the new challenge, a federal Uganda and South Sudan.

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