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Exclusive interview with Italy’s Prime Minister Renzi: “Africa is a priority of the Italian foreign policy”

Milan (Italy) – “Africa is the greatest opportunity for us. Unfortunately, we are victims of decades of negligence and of a sometimes ideological approach to the African continent. On the contrary, I am still convinced that in the next twenty years, Africa will be at the origin of a great number of economic phenomena,” said the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in an exclusive interview for the news website and its African media partners.

“Since I became Prime Minister, we have said that Africa would be a priority. It is not just a slogan”, assures the 40-year old head of government, the youngest in Europe. His recent visit in Ethiopia and Kenya confirms Renzi’s will to make the continent “a priority of Italian foreign policy.” Since his rise to the premiership, the young Prime Minister has already visited eight African countries, a record. He promotes the same three-pillared ambition everywhere: culture, development cooperation and investment. “They are the most effective ways to combat poverty in Africa, a curse that is at the origin of problems linked to terrorism and migratory flow.”

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President Paul Kagame confirms Rwanda-Israel deal to host African immigrants

Rwandan President Paul Kagame has confirmed media reports that Kigali is finalising a multimillion dollar deal that will see it host illegal immigrants that Israel intends to expel. According to Israeli media reports, the Middle Eastern country plans to relocate illegal immigrants to Rwanda and Uganda, which Kigali had denied knowledge of.

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More Doctors Leave Africa

Nairobi – The migration of doctors from Africa for greener pastures in the United States has increased over the past decade despite relative economic growth and reduced political instability in many countries, according to researchers.

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Exclusive. Interview with Cécile Kyenge: ‘The right to citizenship is a major issue for Italian society’

Rome (Italy) – Racial insults, death threats, the throwing of bananas, call for rape. This is what’s been happening in Italy since Cécile Kyenge was appointed minister for Integration. ‘Frankly, I did not expect this level of verbal abuse’, said the first woman with African origins (Congolese, to be precise) to enter an Italian government. In this exclusive interview with and Echos des Grands Lacs, Kyenge said she would respond ‘to the political class’ failure to act. They do not understand that it is not simply about me. These attacks take place in Italian society as a whole and the institutions’. Moreover, ‘migrants are not responsible for the Italian economic crisis’.

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The District on Cape Town’s “Fringe”

Cape Town is changing. One recent Sunday morning I took a walk through Walmer Estate, a suburb bordering on District Six, on the edge of the City Bowl, and stopped at one of the corner stores to inquire about buying some koeksisters. Sunday mornings, in the Cape Town of my childhood, are speckled with sweet memories of syrup and sticky coconut flakes, of milky Ricoffee and the loose, crumply sheets of the Weekend Argus.

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Why France doesn’t want to let Aminata Traoré

Malian writer, activist, former member of government Aminata Traoré is unwelcome in France, and, thanks to the ‘open borders’ of the Schengen Area, she is persona non grata in pretty much all of Europe. Another dialogue is possible?

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