Ebola: fear, paralysis, solidarity, justice

No one had heard of the tiny village of Meliandou, Southern Guinea before; a place where time has stood still, untouched by the technology revolution; nestled in the forests which over generations sustained the hunter gatherers. Life was simple for a long time; it was a life many of us yearn for – away from the treadmill of life in the city. That lasted until that ecosystem changed dramatically.

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Ebola and Sierra Leone: health care at breaking point

In the first of a series of blogs about the impact and consequences of the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone, ARI researcher Jamie Hitchen, recently back from a year spent working in the country, focuses on health care.

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Militarising the Ebola crisis

Washington – Six months into West Africa’s Ebola crisis, the international community is finally heeding calls for substantial intervention in the region.

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Opinion: Ebola is everybody’s business

‘The 2014 Ebola outbreak needs to become a moment where those who follow will mark it as a turning point where the world rallied; where donors, rich countries and health agencies acted decisively to invest in health systems on which billions of vulnerable people rely’, writes Daily Maverick correspondent Anso Thom.

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Lapo Pistelli: ‘The more we spend on Ebola, the less we will spend in the future’

Brussels – On the 22nd and 23rd of September, EU Health Ministers will gather for an informal meeting in Milan, during which a session will be devoted to discuss EU measures deployed to fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. The European Commission has already announced 150 million euros of aid devoted to the crisis, and funding pledged by the Member States amounts to a total of 78 million. spoke to Italian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Lapo Pistelli, on Italy’s response to the crisis.

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Ebola and Global Health: Exposing fault lines and searching for vision

Sometimes it takes a crisis to test existing structures and expose all the fault lines. Ebola has been pummelling its way through West Africa and in addition to the lives claimed by the epidemic, it has exposed the state of Global Health’s leadership as well as the current paradigms through which we view health at the global level.

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