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The day FIFA stole a part of us

On Wednesday morning, the unthinkable happened. The top brass of FIFA, although not the king himself, were arrested. In Zurich, of all places – where those who are rich and seek sanctuary usually get it. All through the day, developments kept coming: this vice-President of FIFA was among those arrested, the decisions to take the World Cup to the Arctic in 2018 and then the desert in 2022 were being probed for bribery allocations. And then, the bombshell.

The Americans believe that the 2010 Football World Cup was only held here because money changed hands. Ruddy great wads of it. In a world where sport has been cheapened, all of us have been ripped off. And one of the people who suffered the most in the process was a man who had already suffered too much – Madiba himself. By Stephen Grootes.

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Interview with Cecile Kyenge: “Burundi Needs Influential African Mediators”

Brussels – “Influential African mediators must get involved in the Burundi crisis, just as Nelson Mandela did in the past”. Such is the belief of Cecile Kyenge, a Member of the European Parliament (Socialist and Democrats Group), as told in an interview with Infos Grands Lacs (Afronline’s media partner). “These mediators should be able to start completely from scratch, starting with the violence, which must stop immediately, and the issue of the third mandate of Burundian President Nkurunziza”, added the Italian MEP, who was the author of a recently launched appeal to the international community with four former Belgian ministers.

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The Longest Night: A Year without Mandela

In the tumult of this strange, momentous year, when many of our institutions—democracy, parliament, rule of law—have seemed at best chimerical and at worst a joke, is it not time to begin reconsidering what Mandela left us?

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Mandelaism: A true legacy to give to the world

Friday would have been the 96th birthday of Nelson Mandela. It was the first Nelson Mandela International Day since his passing in December, commemorated in 126 countries.

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The right to die: Archbishop Tutu provides guidance on the last medical, legal and ethical frontier

South Africa – Daily Maverick correspondent Marianne Thamm comments on Archbishop Tutu’s decision to back the right of the terminally ill to choose to end their lives, an act of groundbreaking ethical and moral leadership.

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Op-Ed: What would Mandela do? Some thoughts on moving beyond anger and rhetoric

Daily Maverick correspondent Marianne Thamm recalls Mandela’s lessons and reminds South Africa about the importance of remaining united.

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