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Fumana isazisi sakho. Bhalisa. Vota.*

I came across this image taken by a press photographer in May 1990 after one of the first public meetings between the last white minority government and the liberation movement (led by the ANC), to negotiate a new political order. This was the ANC delegation to that meeting in Cape Town.

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Born Free, and Disinterested

Cape Town – South Africa’s May 7 elections mark the first time in democratic history that those born into Nelson Mandela’s post-apartheid ‘Rainbow Nation’ can vote.

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20 Years of Freedom: The post-1994 power brokers and black liberation

On May 7th South Africans go to the polls to vote for national and provincial representatives (the majority party gets to pick the President and the Cabinet). In the lead up to the election, we’ll carry a few pieces. Daily Maverick’s series starts today, the 20th anniversary of the April 1994 elections–the country’s first democratic elections in which blacks could vote. The first instalment is by Thapelo Tselapedi.

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Sahara Screenings: World’s Most Remote Film Festival Prepares for Another Run

“Unlike most things planted in the desert, the FiSahara film festival has taken root and continues to grow and flourish,” says Spanish film star Javier Bardem describing the unlikely success of the world’s most remote film festival.

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The Congolization Movement

On January 17th, a group of local artists (Pitcho Womba Konga, Fredy Massamba, Badi Ndeka, Caroline Dujardin, Kamanda Milele, Lety Kangaka, Jack Rémy, Karim Kalonji, Christian Levo, Malkia Mutiri and myself) pulled off “the Action” in L’Horloge Du Sud, better known as the Afro-European cultural spot in the center of Brussels.

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In South Sudan courts and justice are essential for peace: A reply to Mbeki and Mamdani

South Sudan is not South Africa. Thabo Mbeki and Mahmood Mamdani argue in their recent NY Times article that courts can’t end civil wars. No doubt on their own they cannot, but justice is a critical component for long-term peace. Peace is more than the end of war, and courts are often an essential element in bringing about peace.

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