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Development aid: Blending, when beneficiaries become customers with needs and demands

Brussels – The use of blending instruments, although considered controversial by some, is increasing in European Development Cooperation. Director Investments of the Dutch NGO Cordaid, Laure Wessemius-Chibrac, sheds some light on the use of blending from a Civil Society perspective. “We see the blending of instruments as one of the future innovative financing modalities for sustainable development”, Wessemius-Chibrac says in this interview released to

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Ebola and ISIS: A learning exchange between U.N. and faith-based organisations

New York – The simultaneity presented by the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus on one hand and militant barbarism ostensibly in the name of Islam on the other present the international development community – particularly the United Nations and international NGOs – with challenges, as well as opportunities.

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Roberto Bertollini (WHO): ‘Poor public research investments are behind global health emergencies such as Ebola’

Brussels – As the Ebola outbreak death toll rises in Africa and western countries, the World Health Organization Representative to the EU, Roberto Bertollini, sheds some light on the link between budget cuts and the spread of the emergency. ‘If we stop investing on research, in a few decades there will not be antibiotics for common diseases’, he tells

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Francesco Petrelli (CONCORD Italia): ‘Ms. Mogherini must make migration a top priority’

‘We cannot expect other countries to respect EU values when people trying to reach Europe are denied the basic right to life’, says Francesco Petrelli, spokesperson for CONCORD Italia. ‘Migration concerns all Member States, not only those situated along the Mediterranean Coast, and it should be a top priority in the EU’s political agenda’. In an interview with, Mr. Petrelli discusses the high points expressed by Federica Mogherini – the EU High Representative-designate for Foreign affairs and Security Policy – during her hearing last week, enounces CONCORD’s priorities and shares his expectations from European institutions, including the European External Action Service (EEAS).

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Six things we like about Federica Mogherini

Federica Mogherini faced the European Parliament yesterday for her hearing to replace Catherine Ashton and become the EU’s Foreign Policy chief – the official title is High Representative for EU Foreign and Security Policy and Commission Vice President*. While the format of the auditions could be better – a prepared 15 minute statement, short questions from MEPs, short answers (all under the pressure of a big stop watch above the rostrum) – at least CONCORD Europe got a first impression of how the future High Representative feels about important topics.

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A book review of ‘Peaceland: Conflict Resolution and the Everyday Politics of International Intervention’

African Arguments correspondent Christoph Vogel reviews Séverine Autesserre’s latest book: ‘Peaceland: Conflict Resolution and the Everyday Politics of International Intervention‘. 

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