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Libya is fast following Somalia’s road to ruin

With Gaza, Ukraine and Iraq dominating the news, nobody is paying much attention to the violence in Tripoli that is swiftly tipping Libya over the edge. The UN and US have withdrawn and the UK have ordered all British nationals out. Yet, the repercussions of losing Libya are monumental, especially for Europe.

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A family affair

At the FSDEA’s helm sits Jose Filomeno de Sousa dos Santos, the 35-year-old son of long time president Jose Eduardo dos Santos, appointed chairman by his father only last year. President Dos Santos is the second longest-serving head of state on the continent, his 34 years ruling Angola falling behind Equatorial Guinea’s Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo by only one month.

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Grain, Fish, Money

Africa is a rich continent. Some of those riches – especially oil, gas and minerals – have driven rapid economic growth over the past decade. The ultimate measure of progress, however, is the wellbeing of people – and Africa’s recent growth has not done nearly as much as it should to reduce poverty and hunger, or improve health and education.

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Analysis: The Bentiu massacre is South Sudan in microcosm

Last week, South Sudanese rebels seized control of Bentiu, a dusty, ramshackle town near the Sudanese border, from the government. In the process, more than 200 civilians were butchered – some in a mosque, others in a church, still others by the side of the road.

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South Sudan rebel leader vows to take key oil fields, capital

The leader of South Sudan’s rebels has vowed to attack the capital Juba and target crucial oil fields, warning in an exclusive interview with AFP that the civil war will not end until the country’s president is removed from power.

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Oil royalties mostly failing to fill research coffers

Bogota – Several developing nations have mooted the idea of funding public research with a tax on, or royalties from, natural resources, such as oil, but only a few appear to have made good on their promise.

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