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The case for removing US sanctions on Sudan

The US first imposed sanctions on Sudan more than two decades ago. By 12 July 2017, the administration of President Donald Trump must decide whether to permanently lift some of these. This is not an easy decision, but it is the better, although imperfect, choice.

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Op-Ed: How Africa can fix the International Criminal Court

The ruling African National Congress’s demand that the South African government should pull out of the International Criminal Court is defeatist, naïve and reactionary. African states have largely themselves to blame for the fact that the continent has been singled out by the court, and rather than withdraw they should use their political muscle to ensure that prosecutions are brought against non-African leaders too. continue reading »

It’s time for the US to press the reset button on Sudan

The sun may have started to set on his tenure in office, but US President Barack Obama seems to have no intention of slipping into cruise control with regards to foreign policy. Against difficult odds, he recently mended fences with Cuba and Iran, two of the country’s longest-standing foes.

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Meanwhile, in Sudan, this is what al-Bashir’s been up to

As South Africa dissects the implications of President Omar al-Bashir’s visit, and his illegal departure, it’s worth remembering that although the International Criminal Court wants him for crimes committed years ago, the Sudanese President is still in power – and he’s still dropping cluster bombs on civilians. By Nuba Reports. continue reading »

South Africa: Bashir Flees South Africa, Dodging Arrest

Cape Town — President Omar al-Bashir of Sudan flew out of South Africa on Monday, hours before a court ordered his arrest on the charges of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity he faces at the International Criminal Court (ICC).

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Conflicts in South Sudan, CAR, DR Congo distract from countries to watch in 2014

The past two months have not been good ones for the Africa Rising narrative. South Sudan has imploded and in Central Africa, a genocide of sorts is taking place, with Muslims now targeted in revenge for the atrocities of a short-lived regime that seized power last year.

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