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‘Africa Act’ heralds a new era of cooperation between Italy and Africa

Rome (Italy) – The Italian Democratic Party (PD) presented on last 28 July at the Chamber of Deputies the ‘Africa Act’, “package of measures to revitalize the relations between Italy and the African continent, in a logic of co-development.” But what does it mean in practice? Lia Quartapelle, deputy and member of the Democratic Party, explains for and its African media partners the reasons of this new initiative based on three pillars: education and culture, employment and sustainable development.

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Burundi: worries over the disappearance of Jean Bigirimana

Missing since 22nd July, Burundian reporter Jean Bigirimana was working for IWACU Press Group and the news agency Infos Grands Lacs, Afronline’s African media partners. Described as “a discreet boy and a hard worker” by IWACU Press Group Manager, Antoine Kaburahe, in a statement asking for his lawful release, there had been no news of him since his unexplained disappearance twelve days ago. Unexpectedly, last night IWACU and Kaburahe announced on their Twitter accounts that Bigirimana is in bad condition, but alive. VITA, Afronline’s publisher, demands the immediate release of the Burundian reporter.

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Italy, a bridge between Europe and Africa

ROME – In Rome today a new partnership was born. “We do not need walls, but to be increasingly connected”, the Italian PM Matteo Renzi said to the first Italy-Africa ministerial conference at the Italian Foreign Ministry headquarters. Italy, as a bridge between Europe and Africa, “feels no nostalgia for the past, but does so for a future in which the continent is not a threat but an opportunity”, thus is trying to “draw Europe’s attention to Africa and the Mediterranean”, Renzi said closing the event.

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Exclusive. Paolo Gentiloni: “More development cooperation on migration and Isis crisis”

From migration to Syria and Libya: The Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs speaks exclusively to Vita International, outlining the Italian development cooperation strategy to address the current international crisis and its root causes.

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Italy creates a UNESCO Emergency Task Force for Culture

UNESCO’s Director-General, Irina Bokova, and the Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni, will sign an agreement on the establishment of a Task Force of cultural heritage experts in the framework of UNESCO’s global coalition Unite for Heritage on 16 February in Rome.

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Interview with Laura Frigenti, Director of the new Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

Brussels – A generation. That’s how long Laura Frigenti had waited for the Italian Development Cooperation Agency to be launched. In 1987, Italy passed a law on international cooperation that remained in force for 27 years. An eternity, during which time Frigenti left Italy and had a highly successful international career spent mostly at the World Bank. January 1st, 2016 marks her return to her birthplace where she has been appointed to lead the new Italian Development Cooperation Agency, officially established by the Italian parliament with the approval of a new bill on development cooperation in August 2014 (law125/2014).

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