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Could Peacekeeping Wives Deter Sexual Abuse in U.N. Overseas Operations?

Back in November 2007, about 108 military personnel from an Asian country, serving with the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti, were deported home after being accused of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of minors. After their return, one of the expelled peacekeepers was quoted in a local newspaper as saying, rather defiantly, “What do you expect us to do when the U.N. is providing us with free condoms?” But then all those free condoms were being provided to prevent sexually-transmitted diseases and not to encourage sexual abuse.

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When peacekeepers become perpetrators: France and the UN’s child sex shame in the CAR

France and the United Nations have both been implicated in the sexual abuse of minors in the Central African Republic – French troops for committing the offences, and UN officials for covering them up. It’s another disgraceful chapter which demonstrates that there really is no one that CAR’s most vulnerable people can really trust. By Simon Allsion.

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In defence of the African Union

It’s easy to take pot shots at the African Union – and frankly, these can be well-deserved. But it’s a mistake to write the organisation off entirely. In fact, it does plenty to justify its standing as Africa’s only continental institution. For all its faults, Africa is better with the AU than without it.

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What’s the Game Plan for U.S.-Africa Summit?

In this interview with AllAfrica’s Reed Kramer, Linda Thomas-Greenfield discussed details of key U.S.-Africa Summit events, including the day-long direct talks between Barack Obama and his African counterparts and a high-level gathering for selected young African leaders starting Monday.

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The CAR ceasefire: a (very) small step towards stability

Brazzaville – News that warring parties in the Central African Republic have agreed on a ceasefire is encouraging – but not too encouraging. A few crucial oversights in the peace deal, coupled with the structural realities of the conflict, mean that it’s going to be very difficult to enforce. Still, it’s a start.

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Not a Moment Too Soon: UN Approves Peacekeeping Mission for the CAR

On 10 April, the United Nations Security Council unanimously voted in favour of a resolution authorising a peacekeeping force of around 12,000 personnel to be deployed to the Central African Republic (CAR).

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