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Arrest of Rwandan spy chief could spark diplomatic spat with UK

The decision by the United Kingdom to arrest the head of Rwanda’s National Intelligence and Security Services (NISS) is likely to spark a diplomatic row between Kigali and London. Lt Gen Emmanuel Karenzi Karake’s arrest on Saturday at Heathrow Airport as he prepared to board a plane back home from an official mission was based on indictments on war crimes issued by a Spanish Judge in 2008 on 40 senior Rwandan army officers.

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Kigali says Burundi security situation affecting Rwanda

The deteriorating security situation Burundi and reports that Rwandan rebels are infiltrating the country are of ‘great concern’ to the Government of Rwanda, Foreigner minister Louise Mushikiwabo said in a statement on Monday night. She called on the Burundian government to do everything in its powers to end the increasing unrest and violence targeting unarmed civilians.

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Paul Kagame complains of inaction on Rwandan rebels in DRC… again

President Paul Kagame has once again accused the international community of applying “double standards” in addressing security concerns in the region. The Rwandan leader said failure by the international community to decisively deal with the Rwandan rebels in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) for the past two decades but eliminated M23 rebels “in a very short time” reflects the double standards.

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Kigali scores highly on growth, but hurdles remain

As it marks the 20th anniversary of the genocide against Tutsi, in which nearly a million people were killed, Rwanda scores highly on its human development indices, but must confront accusations of human rights abuses and intolerance. Rwanda has been praised for its successful reconstruction, prudent economic policies and ambitious fight against poverty.

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The Congo conundrum: truth catches up with Obama

As US President Barack Obama’s re-election bid approaches, his supporters are making sure that ‘the wretched of the earth’, the Africans, accustomed to unending plights (HIV/Aids, ‘civil wars’, poverty, resource curses, corruption, militias…) in their ‘hopeless continent’, as Western media depicts it, boost the chances of the ‘first African president in the White House’ to secure a second term.

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Rwanda: Kagame’s ‘Congo crisis’

Nairobi — On June 20 as we drove to President Paul Kagame‘s country home in Muhazi, we encountered what was once a very common sight around Rwanda. A group of prisoners, in garish pink (Rwandese prison authorities have a hopeless fashion sense) were walking single file — as soldiers would do — back to a nearby prison. Many of them participated in the 1994 genocide.

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