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Unexpected Eritrean Journalistic Voice Rises in Ethiopia

Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) – It took Eritrean journalist Estifo* seven years to save up enough money to pay a fixer to get him and his family from the capital, Asmara, to the shared border with Ethiopia. After they crossed the border by foot, they turned themselves in to the Ethiopian authorities and claimed asylum as refugees.

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Burundi: worries over the disappearance of Jean Bigirimana

Missing since 22nd July, Burundian reporter Jean Bigirimana was working for IWACU Press Group and the news agency Infos Grands Lacs, Afronline’s African media partners. Described as “a discreet boy and a hard worker” by IWACU Press Group Manager, Antoine Kaburahe, in a statement asking for his lawful release, there had been no news of him since his unexplained disappearance twelve days ago. Unexpectedly, last night IWACU and Kaburahe announced on their Twitter accounts that Bigirimana is in bad condition, but alive. VITA, Afronline’s publisher, demands the immediate release of the Burundian reporter.

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South Sudan: The UN’s deafening silence over its jailed journalist

George Livio of the UN’s Radio Miraya has been in jail with no charges for almost two years. Why has UNMISS never publicly called on the government to release him?

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Small Win for NGOs as UN Members Try to Exclude Critical Voices

An UN Committee responsible for giving non-government organisations (NGOs) UN accreditation has had one of its decisions overturned by other UN member states as it seems to be restricting NGOs which are perceived to be critical of governments.

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Zambia: Government closed dow The Post

The Government of the Republic of Zambia closed down Post Newspapers Limited. The Zambia Revenue Authority officers, under instructions from State House, arrived at Post Newspapers head office and printing press around on 21 June 17:00hours in the company of armed police, demanding that the company pays a total of K68 million (US$6.1 million) disputed tax arrears immediately.

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Burundi: Antoine Kaburahe, director of Iwacu, awarded by the City of Paris

Antoine Kaburahe, director of Iwacu – among the very few editorial private groups now left in Burundi – has won a medal from the City of Paris for his bravery in journalism. Dubbed a “hero of information”, Kaburahe has continued his work, despite the increasing crackdown and dangers faced by journalists and media in the country.

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