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Women for Expo 2015 – Interview with Kevin Akoyi: Changes will come from private sector

Leuven – The African continent has been burdened for too long by its past and both Europe and Africa need to embrace “the world of today and the changes that have occurred.” In this interview with, conducted in the context of WE – Women for Expo, a PHD Student at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven who for 20 years has worked for several organisations supporting viable livelihoods for smallholder farmers both in Uganda and wider Africa, discusses democracy, aid effectiveness and the role of private sector in Africa as well as “the importance of empowering African women”.

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Women in Agriculture: “Dear African leaders, it’s time to put your words into action”

A powerful and also very passionate woman, Frannie Léautier is the former Vice-President of the World Bank and has been the Executive Secretary of the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF) from 2009-2013*. In this interview with Afronline, Léautier provides us with a sneak preview of the results of extensive scientific research into the role of women in the African agricultural sector which will be presented at the 22nd African Union Summit, to be held in Addis Ababa from 24 to 31 January.

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Senegal Villages Aspire to Self-Sufficiency in Rice

 The residents of five villages in the Boyard Valley, in southwestern Senegal, are freeing themselves from “the tyranny of imported rice” by stepping up local production of this important staple food.

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The Sun Rescues Rural Cameroonians from “Incessant Darkness”

In the small farming village of Sabongari, in Cameroon’s North West Region, the need for kerosene to light bush lamps and petrol to run electric generators has been replaced by the need for something much cheaper and cleaner: sunshine.

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Can the Non-farm Economy Save Rural Africa?

London – “Africa has not yet had a successful agricultural revolution and as a result the vast majority of its rural population remain trapped in poverty” writes Peter Hazell, visiting professsor at Imperial College London, in an analysis published on, Sud Quotidien (Senegal), Les Echos (Mali), Le Républicain (Niger) and Addis Fortune (Ethiopia).

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Exclusive interview with NEPAD CEO, Ibrahim Mayaki

Brussels – “It is essential to create conditions providing a satisfactory standard of living in African rural areas. To attain this goal there is an obvious need for revenue-generating activities, which means a variety of jobs and activities, although they must be agriculture-based. This can only be achieved with support from the government”.

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