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EU aid: sustainable development at risk

The European Union has again failed to meet its commitment to spend 0.7% of Gross National Income on Development Aid by 2015. The CONCORD Aidwatch report 2016 published today, entitled This is not enough’, reveals that only five countries met their 2015 targets: Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden and United Kingdom.

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Eradicating Poverty – a Lofty Ideal or Achievable Goal?

Rome (Italy) – The first Sustainable Development Goal calls for us to end poverty in all its forms everywhere by 2030. The goal and the deadline are ambitious – and they need to be. We do not have the luxury of time. Poverty is so intertwined with hunger, migration, forced displacement, conflict and environmental degradation that prioritising its eradication is not only a moral and economic imperative, but essential to address the most pressing global issues of our time.

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Will the World’s Largest Single Market Transform Africa Fortunes?

Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) – Getting just a sliver of the global trade in goods and services worth more than 70 trillion dollars, Africans have every excuse to decide to trade among themselves. Many argue that it is the only way to leverage trade to secure a better life for the continent’s more than a billion people who need food and jobs.

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UNCTAD’s Roles Reaffirmed, but Only after Significant Wrangling

The United Nations’ leading development organisation UNCTAD recently obtained a renewed mandate for its work, but not without difficulty.

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Bernd Nilles (CIDSE): “North and South are no longer divided, but unified in facing the same problems”

Brussels – CIDSE’s Secretary General Bernd Nilles talks to Vita International and Afronline about the most pressing global challenges facing us today. “Agenda 2030 and the SDGs can de facto lead to a kind of systemic change to our economic model and behaviours. North and South are now no longer divided, but unified in facing the similar problems,” he says. “We need courageous governments and people who push their governments to take bold decisions and people that take their lives into their own hands and make changes now.”

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Large-Scale Rainwater Harvesting Eases Scarcity in Kenya

Rainwater harvesting in Kenya and other places is hardly new. But in this water-stressed country, where two-thirds of the land is arid or semiarid, the quest for a lasting solution to water scarcity has driven useful innovations in this age-old practice.

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