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Lessons learnt from EU-Turkey agreement on refugees

Milan (Italy) – Four months have passed since the entry into force of the agreement between the EU and Turkey. This deal received widespread criticism with some claiming that it will remain unimplemented or, worse still, ignored by Turkey. Afronline analyzes the state of the art with Professor Chiara Favilli, lecturer in European Union law from the University of Florence. Favilli also compares the Brussels-Ankara agreement with the new EU strategy on migrations in Africa.

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What If Turkey Drops Its “Human Bomb” on Europe?

Rome – Will the rapid–though silent escalation of political tensions between the European Union and Turkey, which has been taking a dangerous turn over the last few weeks, push Ankara to drop a “human bomb” on Europe by opening its borders for refugees to enter Greece and other EU countries?

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Africa: Resolved to Address African Problems Using African Solutions

ISTANBUL – The African Union (AU) representing 54 countries and home to 1,2 billion inhabitants, will be in Istanbul to participate in the May 23-24, 2016, first-ever World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) with two key demands—that the international humanitarian system be redefined, and a strong, firm own commitment to itself, to the continent and its people, anchoring on the primacy of the states.

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Interview with Shannon Pfohman (Caritas Europa) – the failure of the EU migration response

In an interview released to Afronline, Caritas Europa’s Head of Policy and Advocacy Unit, Shannon Pfohman, comments that “the current tendency in the EU to focus only on figures and costs rather than on people often makes our work more difficult. The existing economic paradigm has failed and will continue to fail to address migration, unless we see a shift towards more human-centred policies.” Pfohman then went on to comment on the importance of the upcoming EU-African countries La Valletta Summit in early November, which aims to tackle the refugee crisis at the root:  “An increase in official development assistance from 0.42% of Gross National Income to the promised 0.7% is a key goal, which must be discussed”. Today the EU’s current stance of “shifting the responsibility for refugees…reinforces the image of Europe, in the words of Pope Francis, as being “elderly and haggard”.

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Building BRICS

One expert on emerging markets believes this will happen, with the BRICS nations – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – extending invitations to Indonesia and Turkey to join the club, as it expands its footprint into new regions.

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Interview with Serdar Cam, Director of Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency

Brussels – From aid recipient country to aid donor country. From a closed country, to a country devoted to a new diplomatic and economic offensive on a global scale. In less than a decade, Turkey has become the new protagonist of the international political scene. And Africa, like many other regions of the world, entered the orbit of the strategic interests of Ankara. The Turkish presence on the continent is summed up by a “code name”: TIKA, the Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency. In an interview to Afronline and to seven African newspapers, the Director of TIKA, Serdar Cam explains the Turkish model of cooperation and its challenges.

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