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Business and Human Rights: the UK’s (bad) model

Over the past few decades, there has been a new scramble for African resources as foreign governments and companies have sought to control the continent’s reserves of minerals, oil and gas. As documented in ‘The New Colonialism: Britain’s scramble for Africa’s energy and mineral resources, a new War on Want report, 101 companies listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) now have mining operations in Africa – and combined, they control resources worth in excess of $1 trillion.

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Why Africa should be at the heart of the UK’s Brexit strategy

The UK will miss out on a huge opportunity if it neglects Africa in its Brexit plans. Here are three actions it should take.

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Four lessons from Brexit and EU fallout for East African Community

Now that the immediate turmoil of Britain’s exit vote from the European Union has somewhat subsided, it is a good time to ask what lessons that vote holds for the East African Community. Four stand out.

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Does Brexit undermine the case for African regional integration?

Most analyses of what Brexit means for Africa rightly examine the practical consequences: the impact on trade, the deals that must be renegotiated, the uncertain access to markets. These are all important, but the UK’s decision raises an even more fundamental question. If the European project is failing, should Africa reconsider its commitment to regional integration?

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What Brexit means for Africa

23 June saw the UK vote for Brexit. A populist rebellion was provoked by an internal dispute in the ruling Conservative party, and chaos has been unleashed. We don’t know the full consequences of the UK withdrawing from the European Union (EU), but it’s not going to be good.

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Interview with Simon Maxwell: “Stopping migration through development is a myth”

Brussels – “I do think that it is a myth to believe that if only there were more development in the countries that are sending migrants to Europe, then the migration would stop”, says the former Director of the Overseas Development Institute (1997-2009), Simon Maxwell, in this interview released to Afronline during the European Development Days. “In the modern world, people move to seek a better life”.

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