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White History Month: The American reservation became the South African reserve

(I)n 1993 … (I) first went to South Africa to study apartheid as a form of the state. I realized that basic institutions of apartheid had been created long before the name and the state came into being. The ethnic cleansing of the African population of South Africa began as early as 1913 when the Natives Land Act declared 87% of the land for whites and divided the remaining 13% into so tribal homelands into which to herd the native population.

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Despite Legal Attacks, Conflict Minerals Ban Gets Stronger

Washington – Major manufacturing and business groups on Tuesday urged a court here to roll back a new U.S. regulation that would soon require major manufacturers to ensure that their global supply chains are free of minerals used to fund violence in the Great Lakes region of central Africa.

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EU-USA: so close, so far from Sahel

Brussels – In an interview with and Sahel media, Bérangère Rouppert, a researcher in the Group for Research and Information on Peace and Security (GRIP, based in Brussels), gave an update of the situation in Sahel, talking in particular about the strategies adopted by the United States and the European Union in the region and their impact among local and regional actors. The ambitions put forward by the international community could “lead to disappointment as soon as results are not obtained quickly or according to the initial expectations,” claims Rouppert.

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“Guinea Bissau Is Dangerously Close to Becoming a Failed State”

Lisbon – Guinea Bissau is “close to becoming a failed state,” but not due to ethnic or religious violence, which has never existed in that small West African nation, argues Nobel Peace laureate and United Nations envoy José Manuel Ramos-Horta. “The Guinea Bissau political leadership has never managed to have good relations with the military and vice versa, and it could be said that today the country is dangerously close to becoming a failed state,” Ramos-Horta, a former president, prime minister and foreign minister of East Timor, said in this interview with IPS during a recent visit to Lisbon.

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Soul Food


The trailer for director Byron Hurt‘s new film “Soul Food Junkies.” The film, “… explores the history and social significance of soul food to black cultural identity and its affect on African-American health, good and bad.


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Migrants seen as a problem in Europe and US

Canadians see immigration as an opportunity while a majority of Britons, Americans and Spaniards view it as a problem.  Similar discrepancies exist in France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands, according to a survey carried out by the U.S.-headquartered transatlantic think-tank The German Marshall Fund (GMF).

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