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Q/A: The search for Ebola vaccine in Uganda

The continuing Ebola outbreak in West Africa has shown how quickly infectious diseases can have a devastating impact on public health and economy of nations.   The Makerere University Walter Reed Project (MUWRP) in Kampala, Uganda is conducting a trial to determine if an Ebola vaccine candidate is safe for use. The enrolment of participants has ended and researchers are now following them up.

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Guinea: Ebola Vaccine Efficacy Trial Ready to Launch

Vaccination will take place in areas of Basse Guinée, the region that currently has the highest number of cases in the country. The trial strategy adopted will be “ring vaccination”, based on the approach used to eradicate smallpox in the 1970s.

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Q&A on fast-tracking Ebola vaccine human trials

Oxford – In response to the growing Ebola crisis in West Africa, scientists in the United Kingdom and United States last week launched human trials of an Ebola vaccine candidate, and the plan is to carry out trials in Mali too within the next few weeks.

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Vaccinating Against Their Will

Yaounde’ – The growing number of child deaths from diarrhoea in Cameroon has necessitated the introduction of a new vaccine (RotaTeq) designed to protect babies under five against common types of rotaviruses that cause diarrhoea.

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Mobile masts could help measure rain and chill vaccines

Mobile-phone masts in Africa could be used for other development initiatives, such as filling gaps in rainfall data and providing electricity to refrigerate vaccines, experts say. For example, masts could be used to measure rainfall in areas without rain gauges, according to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) this month (4 February).

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Top tech breakthroughs of 2012

Potato batteries, wind-powered mine detectors, smart waterpumps… SciDev.Net revisits some of the best inventions of 2012. Fascinating innovations come from around the world, and aim to tackle a range of development issues, from cutting the risk of disasters and disease, to helping people with disabilities access information and bringing energy to remote areas.

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