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Explaining Nigeria’s Boko Haram and its violent insurgency

The Islamist insurgency in Nigeria – led by Boko Haram – has entered a dangerous new phase in recent weeks, with the extremists overrunning towns in the country’s northeast. Much of the world learned of the group after they kidnapped 276 school girls from their dormitory in the town of Chibok earlier this year, but for years its steadily worsening attacks have been wracking parts of the country.

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Remembering Westgate

On the 21st of September 2013, unidentified gun men attacked the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. The country has suffered the brunt of terrorism, but despite all the pain and death, Kenya’s spirit of resilience and togetherness lives on. One year on, Africa24 Media release a video to commemorate the tragedy.

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Beyond Pistorius: The Politics of South African Justice

South Africa – As eyes around the world are glued to the Pistorius trial, Nicholas Rush Smith recalls two previous public hearings in South Africa to highlight the political nature of policing and downfalls in the country’s legal system.

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Stalemate in South Sudan: Violent Leaders, Clueless Mediators

South Sudan’s internecine civil war broke out almost 9 months ago and has already claimed tens of thousands of lives, displaced nearly two million people and left nearly five million at the mercy of impending famine. It shows no sign of abating any time soon. In part, this is due to a series of failures by South Sudanese leaders and the international community.

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LGBT visibility in Africa also brings backlash

United Nations – Despite small improvements, the acceptance of LGBT in Africa has a long way to go as sexual violence, verbal and physical abuse, discrimination and anti-homosexuality laws abound. 

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How will the death of Ahmed Godane impact Al Shabaab?

On the 1st September 2014, at around 19:00, American drones fired several missiles in the Sablaaleh/ Hawaay and Dahay Tubako areas, between 35 and 55 km from Brawa, one of the Somali islamist group Al Shabaab’s remaining strongholds. The drones that fired the missiles targeted Ahmed Abdi Aw Muhammad ‘Godane’, a northern Somali, from the Isaq clan (sub-clan Arab) and the leader of Al Shabaab. The strike was the most recent in several US attacks since the 2013 Westgate attack in Kenya, targeting both Shabaab and Al Qaeda leaders either by killing or snatching them alive.

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