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Zimbabwe: Political power shouldn’t be taken to the grave

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe should step down and allow other Zimbabweans to take over from him, the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) said on Monday. The EFF said this in statement, as it congratulated the people of Gambia for holding a peaceful and democratic election that saw President Yahya Jammeh conceding defeat to his opponent Adama Barrow.

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What does Jammeh have to gain by making The Gambia an Islamic Republic?

In a surprise announcement last month, President Yahya Jammeh declared The Gambia an Islamic Republic. In a state TV broadcast, Jammeh – who has gained a reputation for making unexpected pronouncements since becoming the country’s leader in 1994 – pointed to the fact 95% of the population is Muslim and said he wanted to dismantle any remaining vestiges of colonialism.

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The Gambia’s Women Demand a Seat at the Political Table

Banjul – The countdown to the Gambia’s 2016 general elections has begun with a rare move to bring together female politicians from across the divided political spectrum to ensure increased female representation.

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Conflicts in South Sudan, CAR, DR Congo distract from countries to watch in 2014

The past two months have not been good ones for the Africa Rising narrative. South Sudan has imploded and in Central Africa, a genocide of sorts is taking place, with Muslims now targeted in revenge for the atrocities of a short-lived regime that seized power last year.

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Gambia: No light at the end of the tunnel

Repressed by their government for years, the force for change in Gambia is likely to come from citizens finding the courage to ‘seek another way, from another place’. Gambia’s population cannot fight and expose the corruption and other heinous acts that have occurred without fear. In this tiny country, democracy takes one step forward, one step back. What can we do?

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Africa on the top of the world’s worst despots list

A United States based think tank, Foreign Policy/Fund for Peace has ranked President Mugabe as the second worse despots in the world after North Korean Kim Jongil. The nearly 90-ear-old Zimbabwean president is followed by the presidents of Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Libya, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Egypt.

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