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Fidel Castro and Yoweri Museveni: Brothers in arms

Museveni and Castro both came to power through a revolution. Despite a crippling international blockade led by America, Cuba under Castro made huge strides in development while Uganda, a darling of the West, has remained backward – with all those millions of dollars in aid. It is a country where ordinary diarrhea is a life-threatening condition.

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Democracy in East Africa loses out as governments battle opposition

A look at the region’s political scene reveals the grim struggle between those in power and those who oppose them, in a way that augurs ill for the political pluralism they have all subscribed to, at least on paper. The gap between the written constitutional provisions, which set up multi-party dispensations, and what happens on the ground grows wider every year.

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Rwanda up, Uganda down, that’s the way it goes in East Africa

It was another big week of contrasts in East Africa. In Uganda, the government was chasing down and beating up the opposition, arresting its leaders for fear they would disrupt President Yoweri Museveni’s swearing-in for his seventh term. It also shut down social media.

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The ‘Big Man’ Syndrome in Africa

Why do so many African leaders overstay their welcome or break electoral rules? In the recent elections in Uganda, 30 year incumbent Yoweri Museveni won a fifth five-year term. Opposition activists are contesting the results. This has raised again that eternal post-independence question. Museveni is seventy-one years old and has governed since he took power in a military coup in 1986; longer than the majority of the country’s population have lived.

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Uganda: Besigye detained by police over march protest


Kampala – Uganda’s main opposition leader, Kizza Besigye, was this morning arrested from his home in Kasangati. Besigye who had earlier announced he would go to the electoral commission to pick the official declaration forms of the presidential race was stopped as he attempted to leave his home. He was taken to a blue police van and whisked away to Naggalama police station where he is cur-rently detained. Besigye has rejected the results of Thursday’s election won by veteran President Yoweri Museveni, and called on his supporters to join a protest march on Monday.

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Uganda’s youth discover the beauty in farming

Kampala – Miss Uganda promotes the image of women in agriculture and encourages greater involvement in the sector among youth.

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