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Making tech available to smallholders to boost growth

Agriculture is the backbone of Sub-Saharan Africa’s economy, with many countries depending on it heavily, a reason many development institutions are investing in the sector. This rhymes well with AU’s agriculture goals of shared prosperity and improved livelihoods to be attained by 2025 as stated in the Malabo Declaration on accelerated agricultural growth and transformation.

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Initiative to cut post-harvest grains losses launched

An initiative has been launched to promote the scale-up of innovative technologies for reducing post-harvest losses in Sub-Saharan Africa and help combat malnutrition, food insecurity and poverty.

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African Leaders Driving Push for Industrialisation: UN Official

Industrialisation in Africa is being driven by African leaders who realise that industries as diverse as horticulture and leather production can help add value to the primary resources they currently export.

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Cybercrime in Africa: Facts and figures


According to a widely accepted estimate, cybercrime costs the world economy the sum of US $ 500 billion, more than the GDP of South Africa (350.6 billion dollars) and slightly less than that of Nigeria ( 521.8 billion dollars), the continent’s largest economy.

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African policy to end hunger silent on climate risk

The African Union’s Malabo Declaration adopted in 2014 to double agricultural productivity and end hunger by 2025 underestimated the risk that climate change will pose, a report says. The declaration failed to consider investing in Africa’s scientific capacity to combat climate threats, according to the report, which was produced by the UK-based Agriculture for Impact, and launched in Rwanda this month (14 June).

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African economies and the lack of a targeted industrial policy

In terms of economic development, most African countries are operating below the least developed country income threshold of $1,035 per person. 

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