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Upgrades to basic mobile phones aim for a smart future


Researchers hope to benefit users in developing nations by turning ‘feature’ phones into virtual smartphones, finds Jan Piotrowski. Once the preserve of the rich, within just a few decades mobile phones have become ubiquitous in even the world’s poorest countries.


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Zimbabwe’s Railroads Riding to Extinction

Harare – Zimbabwe’s rail transport system may be nearing extinction if the government does not take drastic action to solve the series of operational challenges that have made commuter and goods train services rare here.

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What’s fueling the African economy?

A few decades ago, when Africa was crumbling under the burden of debt, economic forecasts were very pessimistic. But the vigorous growth of African economies has proven them wrong. Where does the African growth come from? What are its specificities? What does Africa need to be able to race with other great emerging countries? Interview with Lionel Zinsou, chairman and CEO of PAI Partners. By Paris Tech Review.

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Welcome to Mali

Bamako doesn’t feel like the capital of a country at war. True, people are stressed, and the pace of life might have slowed. The city’s building frenzy has subsided. Ça va pas, but things are calm, even if late in March, far from cool. In the distant North, a fifth French soldier died over the weekend, and my tantie, a venerable hajja, cried for him.

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Invisible Jason Russell

CBC radio 1’s Jian Ghomeshi conducted a “rare” interview with Jason Russell of KONY2012 fame this week. Russell, who is on some kind of media tour (he indulged the most prominent British media outlet in an interview that was an embarrassment to that paper, a few days ago and now Canada of course) remains brazen in the face of the criticisms that likely caused his breakdown last year and is about as unreflective as any master of the universe would be. Listen here.

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Future trajectories for BRICS

Despite much optimism, there are clear indications that BRICS lacks the capacity to function as a powerful and innovative new force in the realm of global politics and governance.

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