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Women for Expo – 10,000 fair food gardens in Africa

With almost 20 years’ experience at Slow Food International, in 2005 Serena Milano took up the role of secretary general of the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity, which promotes small-scale quality products around the world.  The Slow Food International Foundation for Biodiversity has launched an ambitious project in Africa to protect biodiversity and support local food cultures. But can developing countries really afford to promote organic agriculture? This interview  is part of Women for Expo, a project promoted by Expo Milano 2015. continue reading »

Opening of Expo Milano 2015


The Expo Milano 2015 kicks off tomorrow, May 1st. Under the theme of “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” and with over 140 participating countries, of which 37 are African, the Expo promises to be an excellent showcase of ideas and theories on the crucial issues of food, agriculture and the  environment.


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Analysis: Burundi’s fragile peace hangs in the balance

These are troubled times in Burundi, where the president is determined to hang on to power – even if it violates the decade-old peace agreement that ended the country’s devastating civil war. And once he breaks that agreement, what’s left to keep the peace? By Simon Allison.

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The EPA between the EU and West Africa: Who benefits?

Is the Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA), a free trade agreement negotiated between West Africa and the European Union (EU), really coherent with the development of West Africa? CONCORD regrets that the EU, the largest economic zone in the world, is trying to obtain disproportionate commercial concessions from one of the poorest regions in the world.

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AU sends special delegation to defuse Burundi situation

The African Union says it will be sending a team of envoys to Burundi to help “defuse current tension.” The decision was reached on Tuesday evening after a meeting of AU’s Peace and Security Council members, following chaos that have rocked Burundi since its current President Pierre Nkurunziza announced he would be standing for a third term.

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Anti-Foreigner Discrimination ‘Fostered in South African Schools’

New York – A practice of denying admission to South African public schools of children without visas or whose parents are refugees from other African countries is creating a foundation for the current rash of xenophobia, critics of the practice say.

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