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Infos Grands Lacs (2015-2018)

In February 2015, Afronline signed a media partnership with Panos Europe and Panos Grands Lacs for the production of interviews and other news services for 14 independent radios based in South Kivu (DRC), Burundi and Rwanda. The partnerships aims to produce and disseminate rigorous information on local and national radios in African Great Lakes region, as well as to strentghten the network’s news production through high-quality contents from an EU perspective. The project also raises awareness on local and national audiences on topics such as democracy, human rights, peace and security.

Ebola media project in Guinea (2014-2015)

Afronline and its media publisher, VITA, in collaboration with the network of independent radios in Guinea URTELGUI, has worked with the Antwerp Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) on an Ebola awareness-raising action across 18 radio stations in Guinea, one of the three worst affected countries by the current Ebola epidemic. The action took place in the framework of the European Union funded Ebola-Tx project. URTELGUI and Afronline/VITA, with the support of ITM, produced 2 radio synergy programmes: one in French and one in 6 national languages (Susu, Malinké, Pular, Guerzé, Toma and Kissi), and a workshop for Guinean radio journalists involved in the project.

Expo 2015 (from 2012)

Afronline is a media partner of EXPO 2015, the Universal Exposition that will take place in Milan from May 1st to October 2015. EXPO2015 focuses on Food, Food security, Nutrition, Agriculture, Trade and Rural development. The project includes the organisation of annual conferences from 2012 to 2014, involving journalists and media from Africa, high level experts, etc. and focusing on the Universal Exhibition theme (“Feeding the Planet. Energy for Life”). The project also includes the production of articles, newsletter and content on Expo 2015 with a focus on Africa and gender issues.

CTA Brussels Briefings (2011-2012)

From 2011 to 2012, Afronline worked with the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA), an organisation established in 1983 under the Lomé Convention between the ACP (Africa, Carribean and Pacific) Group of States and the European Union Member States. Afronline covered the Brussels Briefings in collaboration with African independent media. The project involved eight African media partners in the production of articles and interviews (Sud Quotidien, Les Echos, Addis Fortune, The Zimbabwean, Le Républicain, L’Autre Quotidien, Le Confident, Echos des Grands Lacs).

AGI’s partnership (2009-2011)

Afronline was launched in 2009 in the framework of a project (“AFRO”) financed by Unicredit Foundation, in collaboration with the Italian news press agency, AGI. AFRO aims are to strengthen relations between Africa and Europe, particularly Italy, and to spread, through the offer of quality information, a better knowledge of social conditions on the African continent through the voices of African journalists and media.

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