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For growth to count, Africa must industrialise

In an era of high volatility and deep crisis, Africa has been an economic success story. A combination of high commodity prices, increased domestic demand, improved economic governance and management and stronger trade and investment ties with other developing economies has helped African countries record on average an impressive 5 per cent GDP annual growth over the past ten years.  It is a performance which more developed and wealthier regions simply cannot match.

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Exclusive interview with NEPAD CEO, Ibrahim Mayaki

Brussels – “It is essential to create conditions providing a satisfactory standard of living in African rural areas. To attain this goal there is an obvious need for revenue-generating activities, which means a variety of jobs and activities, although they must be agriculture-based. This can only be achieved with support from the government”.

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Ciolos: “European approach is compatible with the right to food in Africa”

Brussels – World Food Security, Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) Reform and sustaining the “agriculture” budget in the European multiannual financial framework 2014-2020. Numerous are the challenges facing the European Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Dacian Ciolos. In office since 2009, he leads on the “green” policies in Brussels. Starting from the CAP, a “beast” that eats close to 40% of the EU’s budget, Ciolos doesn’t fail to remind us – in an exclusive interview with (Italy), Addis Fortune (Ethiopia), Sud Quotidien (Senegal), Les Echos du Mali (Mali) and Le Républicain (Niger) – that this remains “the only community policy of the EU”.

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African migrants in Europe face disillusionment

GERMANY – They set off on dangerous roads, abandoning their homeland and crossing first the Sahara and then the Mediterranean on board handmade rafts. Once they reach Europe, African migrants end up behind the walls of centres for asylum seekers. Condemned to living in uncertain, overcrowded conditions, always in fear of being deported. They survive day by day. With little success and few hopes. Charles Nforgang’s report.

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Patrice Lumumba: “Africa will write its own history”

This week marks the 50th anniversary of the death of Patrice Lumumba, the first Black leader of the Democratic Republic of Congo, formerly known as the Belgian Congo.

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Investing in African business


The MYC4 website, aimed at supplying loans for local entrepreneurs, many businesses in Africa are made possible. We follow the journey of a Dutch investor who supports a local silversmith and makes money himself as he gets part of the interest on the loan. A Video By

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