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Small Win for NGOs as UN Members Try to Exclude Critical Voices

An UN Committee responsible for giving non-government organisations (NGOs) UN accreditation has had one of its decisions overturned by other UN member states as it seems to be restricting NGOs which are perceived to be critical of governments.

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What can Development Banks do to Protect Human Rights?

In a petition signed by 150 NGOs, the Coalition for Human Rights in Development have called for development banks to make sure that human rights are respected by their beneficiaries.

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Valletta Summit: at least Civil Society invited, but too late

Fixing a glaring omission as requested by civil society leaders from Europe and Africa, EU and African governments have agreed to participation of two representatives of civil society as observers in the high-level  Valletta Summit on Migration expected to convene at least 50 heads of states in both regions 11-12 November in Malta. Organized by the EU, participation in the Summit had originally been reserved only for governments and international organisations. continue reading »

Civil society on the frontline in Expo 2015

Brussels – An area of approximately 8,000 square meters of the Expo Milan 2015 site, will be entirely devoted to national and international Civil Society. The Cascina Triulza pavillon, an antique rural Lombard construction, will be used as a reference hub for local and international networks of the Third Sector.

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Ebola and ISIS: A learning exchange between U.N. and faith-based organisations

New York – The simultaneity presented by the outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus on one hand and militant barbarism ostensibly in the name of Islam on the other present the international development community – particularly the United Nations and international NGOs – with challenges, as well as opportunities.

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The migration debate: looking for a new narrative

Brussels – It has been a busy week for philanthropy in the European capital. Over 150 delegates from foundations, EU institutions and CSOs gathered in the BOZAR in Brussels to discuss the main challenges facing people and communities in Europe over the next few years. As the annual interface between philanthropy and EU institutions, EuroPhilantopics 2014 was an opportunity for participants to collaborate on shared agendas and deepen their knowledge of social issues. Co-organized by the European Foundation Centre (EFC), the event invited over twenty international speakers to debate on a range of topics and discuss improved approaches to policy development, practice and funding. Migration was unsurprisingly top of the agenda.

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