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Civipol, the French multinational that sells security in Africa

The terrorism fever and the migrant crisis have contributed to change the international cooperation of the European Union. No longer only an instrument to close the gap with inequality, to build new commercial opportunities and for growth, the money allocated for international cooperation has also been invested to “instruct,” with lots of money, the countries with strong migratory pressure in order to stop the migrants before they cross the Mediterranean. Security beats development. Forgetting, according to some observers, the respect of human rights.

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The paradoxes of a soft dictatorship

For the second time in seven years, violent unrest has followed the presidential election in the small country of Gabon in West Equatorial Africa. The crisis started on August 28, when the candidate of the united opposition, Jean Ping (age 73), declared himself the winner of the presidential election. In the country’s capital, Libreville, people retreated into an anxious pause.

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Exploding enclosures in Africa and Europe (on Charlie Hebdo and Boko Haram)

This is the first of two essays on the theme of Islam in Europe and Africa. The second will appear after the Nigerian elections of 14 February and assess their possible impact on the war against Boko Haram.

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Charlie Hebdo. Damien Glez: “Ready to take up our pens and get back to drawing”

The internationally renowned Franco-Burkinabe cartoonist Damien Glez knew the Charlie Hebdo’s colleagues killed two days ago well. “They were key figures in the French press, brilliant cartoonists who would not want to see us cry, but instead fight for freedom.”

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‘We don’t believe in Nigeria’: Boko Haram declares an Islamic Caliphate

Nigeria – According to Boko Haram, north-eastern Nigeria no longer belongs to the Nigerian government. Instead, it’s now part of an Islamic Caliphate. We’re not yet sure who exactly this Caliphate answers to, but it’s certainly not President Goodluck Jonathan. What’s Jonathan going to do about it?

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Touaregs seek a secular and democratic multi-ethnic state

Lekorne, France – An interview with Europe’s spokesperson for the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA), an armed separatist group in Mali.

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