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Opinion: When Schools Become Barracks, Children Suffer

Surprise turned to confusion, then to horror, when the children at Kiata primary school realized that the soldiers they had spotted at the bottom of the hill were heading for their school and its occupants.

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Ethiopia’s industrialisation spells crisis for Kenya’s Turkana

Industrial projects along Ethiopia’s Omo River could dry up Kenya’s Lake Turkana and create a humanitarian and environmental catastrophe exacerbated by climate change, Human Rights Watch said on Thursday.

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What former Chadian dictator Hissène Habré’s trial next month in Senegal means for his victims

Next month former president Hissène Habré, who ruled my native Chad from  June 7, 1982 to December 1, 1990, goes on trial in Senegal, in a special tribunal set up by the African Union.  Habré’s reign was one of absolute terror.  He created the Documentation and Security Directorate (DDS), which quickly developed into a machine of repression. According to the report of an investigation ordered by the Chadian government in 1992, 40,000 people were killed in the prisons of the DDS.

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DR Congo: Police Operation Kills 51 Youth

Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo summarily killed at least 51 youth and forcibly disappeared 33 others during an anti-crime campaign that began a year ago, Human Rights Watch said in a report released November 18.

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Journalism in Somalia: booming but beset by dangers

Mogadishu — Somalia is home to a thriving journalism scene. Yet as Mohamed Abdi Warsame’s story shows, it is also the most dangerous country in Africa for media workers. “Some say my brother was killed over a woman,” he says. “That’s not true. He was killed for the sake of the truth.” 

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Murder of Senegalese migrant overshadows ‘radically new’ politics of migration in Morocco

Over the past few weeks, gruesome images have circulated depicting the ghastly murder of Charles Ndour, a twenty-five-year-old Senegalese migrant living in Morocco. Besides the outrage sparked in Senegal and Morocco by the conditions surrounding his death, the handling of the affair by Moroccan authorities has resulted in a fiasco overshadowing the progress achieved in the country to establish a “radically new” politics of migration.

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