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What can Development Banks do to Protect Human Rights?

In a petition signed by 150 NGOs, the Coalition for Human Rights in Development have called for development banks to make sure that human rights are respected by their beneficiaries.

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Making Sustainability Part of the Corporate DNA

United Nations – Companies, governments and non-profit actors agree that economic growth and sustainable development have to go hand in hand to shape our increasingly globalised world in a fair way. Yet a meeting of leaders from the business, government and non-profit sectors at the UN this week showed that there is still a long way to go in order to make investors and CEOs true partners in sustainability.

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Interview with Laura Frigenti, Director of the new Italian Agency for Development Cooperation

Brussels – A generation. That’s how long Laura Frigenti had waited for the Italian Development Cooperation Agency to be launched. In 1987, Italy passed a law on international cooperation that remained in force for 27 years. An eternity, during which time Frigenti left Italy and had a highly successful international career spent mostly at the World Bank. January 1st, 2016 marks her return to her birthplace where she has been appointed to lead the new Italian Development Cooperation Agency, officially established by the Italian parliament with the approval of a new bill on development cooperation in August 2014 (law125/2014).

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COP21: A climate agreement in the interest of the vulnerable?

After two weeks of intense negotiations, the COP21 talks finally produced a landmark Paris Agreement among the close to 200 countries that participated to fight global warming. The 2015 climate change conference has been the most complicated and difficult negotiations, yet most important for humanity, observed UN Secretary-General, Ban Ki-moon. Report by Kofi Adu Domfeh.

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Exclusive interview with Italy’s Prime Minister Renzi: “Africa is a priority of the Italian foreign policy”

Milan (Italy) – “Africa is the greatest opportunity for us. Unfortunately, we are victims of decades of negligence and of a sometimes ideological approach to the African continent. On the contrary, I am still convinced that in the next twenty years, Africa will be at the origin of a great number of economic phenomena,” said the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi in an exclusive interview for the news website and its African media partners.

“Since I became Prime Minister, we have said that Africa would be a priority. It is not just a slogan”, assures the 40-year old head of government, the youngest in Europe. His recent visit in Ethiopia and Kenya confirms Renzi’s will to make the continent “a priority of Italian foreign policy.” Since his rise to the premiership, the young Prime Minister has already visited eight African countries, a record. He promotes the same three-pillared ambition everywhere: culture, development cooperation and investment. “They are the most effective ways to combat poverty in Africa, a curse that is at the origin of problems linked to terrorism and migratory flow.”

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Non-Governmental-Oppression and youth in Kenya

NGOs do a good job, certainly, but they cannot escape the charge that often they are focused on professionalising “development” and people’s struggles through their constant supply of statistics, reports and case studies. Rarely do these organisations tackle entrenched structural injustices underpinning the problems they attempt to solve.

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